The ArtCAM Express Vector Tools Module is extremely useful for designing and machining your vector artwork. When creating your vector designs it allows you to draw vectors (lines) either individually or in sections on a number of different layers. These can then be turned on and off while you are designing so that you can find the best combination. If any changes are required this will only affect that specific layer rather than having to recreate the vector design.

Any of the vector layers can then be exported out into the Vector library and used to create other ArtCAM models, helping you to not only speed up the design process but also increasing productivity.

Additionally, if you need to work with imported files such as DXF files, which are typically used for furniture and cabinetry design packages, or other layered file formats such as PDFs, AI or DGK their vector layers including layer names and any applied colours will automatically be duplicated within ArtCAM Express.

Vector tools

Preparing your vector art for machining:

What's more, this ArtCAM Express module is also ideal for ensuring your vector art is ready for CNC machining. Some vector artwork can look extremely impressive before it is machined but due to the nature in which certain shapes or vectors are created means that they are either made up of a large number of straight lines or Bezier curves which can affect: the time required to calculate the toolpath; machine the actual piece or result in an unsatisfactory finish. To prevent this, the ArtCAM Express Vector Tools module comes with the necessary tools to reduce all these factors so that you can quickly CNC machine your designs without reducing their aesthetic appeal.

The machined example using Vector Tools

The vector layer system also plays an important role when machining your design as it allows you to apply chosen machining strategies to all the vector artwork that appears on a specific layer rather than the rather time consuming task of selecting each individual vector. If any errors are made the machining strategies can just be recalculated for each vector layer rather than having to delete and reselect your vectors. Machining strategies for cutting optimisation, routing inlays and inlay design, pocket milling, v carving, drilling and relief machining will all benefit from this module. Furthermore, vector layers work with the following ArtCAM Express modules: raised round, texture toolpath, smart engraving and feature machining.

CNC Simulation:

To help you visualise how your finished piece will look or to help gain customer approval the new Vector Tools module allows you to apply colour to either a selected vector or an area within it. This is a great tool if you plan to paint areas of your design after it has been machined. This can be seen directly in the 3D view and if required saved as a rotatable PDF of the design so that either company decision makers or customers can view it.

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