Here's a collection of some ArtCAM JewelSmith related questions that we get regularly asked. If you'd like to put a question directly to us, please email us at Or speak to your local ArtCAM reseller.

Q: What's the latest version of ArtCAM JewelSmith?

The current release for the range (ArtCAM Express, ArtCAM Insignia, ArtCAM Pro & ArtCAM JewelSmith) is ArtCAM 2012. For more information on the latest features for the latest cersion of ArtCAM JewelSmith, please visit the Latest Version page.

View the latest features of ArtCAM JewelSmith

Q: What is the recommended system specification for running ArtCAM JewelSmith?

Please visit the System Requirements page to see our minimum and recommended system settings.

View the ArtCAM system requirements

Q: Can I download a trial version of ArtCAM JewelSmith?

We currently only offer trial versions of ArtCAM Express and ArtCAM Insignia for download and self-assessment. If you are interested in how ArtCAM JewelSmith can help your business, we can arrange for your local delcam representative to install an evaluation version of the software on-site and provide you with a demonstration of it's design and manufacturing capabilities. Please click here to contact your nearest sales partner.

Q: Do all versions of ArtCAM come with the Free 3D Clipart library?

All versions of ArtCAM 2012 will get installed with the 3D Clipart library containing over 600+ relief files that can be added to your designs or machined outright.

See what's included in the 3D Relief Clipart Library

Q: What is an Add-In?

Toolbox Add-ins are macro extensions which add useful features to ArtCAM. Add-ins provide a method to create fully-integrated tools within ArtCAM. They also allow you to automate a number of operations within ArtCAM by executing a single command. An example is the 'Rope Creator' which builds a rope relief around a single closed vector which the user selects before running the Add-in. The Add-in prompts the user to enter various parameters that will control the appearance of the rope. The Add-in then performs a relatively complex series of steps to produce a rope that is wrapped along the selected vector.

Each Add-in has one folder containing a few files to run it. The Add-ins are located in the ArtCAM install directory. Typically:

C:\Program Files\ArtCAM Pro\Toolbox

Once an Add-in is copied into the Toolbox folder, it will appear on the Add In page on the right side of the ArtCAM screen.

Q: Can I use a graphics tablet?

Yes! Using a graphics tablet aids some tools within ArtCAM. As the software is designed for Artistic modeling the Sculpting mode gives greater freedom with a graphics tablet.

Q: What file formats can ArtCAM JewelSmith work with?

ArtCAM allows you the flexibility to work with a number of different industry-standard software programs and data-types:

Vector Files: EPS, DXF, AI, DWG, PDF, WMF, DGK, PIC
3D Files: 3DS, DXF, STL, U3D, OBJ, DMT
Surface Model Files: 3DM, DGK, SLDPRT, IGS, IGE, IGES
Delcam Files: PIC, DGK
ArtCAM Files: ART, 3DP, 3DA, RLF

Q: Can ArtCAM import the digitized/scanned data?

ArtCAM can import the digitized/scanned data using the ArtRead function which converts the digitized data to relief. There are four different readers supplied with ArtCAM:

Laser ASCII Data:
This reads data from a wide range of laser scanner which output data as a series of ASCII points. Note: The point data must be arranged as a series of linear scan lines, this reader will not read the data which consists of the random point cloud.

Toolpath Reader:
This reads the data which has been scanned with a physical probe and the points stored in ASCII G code toolpath format.

Renishaw Model:
This reads data from a Renishaw Cyclone scanner.

3D Scanner Ris:
This reads data from a 3D Scanners Laser scanner.

Q: What is the ArtCAM Advantage Package?

The ArtCAM Advantage Package is a cost effective way to maximize the benefit from your ArtCAM investment.

  • Annual Software Upgrade
  • Technical Support
  • Discounts on Advanced Training
  • Dedicated Resource Website
  • International User Groups
  • Access to Extra Training Material

For more information about the ArtCAM Advantage Package please click here >>

Q: How do I download patches and updates?

From the Help pull down menu in ArtCAM, click on 'Check for ArtCAM updates' which will link into the 'ArtCAM Advantage' website, or go directly to the site by clicking on ArtCAM Advantage (from the help pull down). From the Advantage site, click on 'Software Updates and Patches' in the left side column to access the page. You will be able to download any patches required to run your version of ArtCAM. Once downloaded make sure to install the patch.

Q: Is ArtCAM JewelSmith available for Mac?

The ArtCAM range of software is only available for Windows™