If any of your designs involve working with text, you will greatly benefit from the ArtCAM Express Font Creator Module as it not only gives you the freedom to create your own unique text but also the ability to tailor any font to match the specific capabilities of your CNC machine. Selecting from a database of approximately 300 fonts including standard fonts such as Arial or Times new Roman to more artistic ArtCAM fonts such as Artchisel, the Font Editor allows you to edit, manipulate and distort existing fonts to create your own distinctive font designs.

In addition to the font library, ArtCAM Express will automatically detect any fonts that you have installed on your computer. If you wish to work with a specific font that is not currently in the library, for example a specific AutoCAD file these can be quickly and simply imported into the software for alteration. The advanced font editing tools also give you the freedom to control the size, positioning and alignment of edited points.

Font creation

Standard “single-stroke” engraving fonts are also included for faster more efficient engraving times.

Any newly created fonts and symbols can then be added to the font library for you to use in the future. This can be particularly useful if you customers have a specific font for their logos for example or if you want to create your own in-house style.

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