The Texture Toolpath Module is a very powerful design tool. It can be used to add textured patterns to any design whether that is a background for a sign, used for sculptures or decorative furniture panels, embossing plates or even to add decorative aspects to your product design.

The strategy uses preset or custom parameters to create sophisticated but highly efficient cutting patterns using selected tool geometry. With this feature you can add existing textures, hand-carving effects or exotic patterns to your designs in just a few minutes. This adds enormous visual impact to your work with very little design effort or machining time.

Examples of the different textures you xcan machine with the texture toolpath module

This module also works nicely with the ArtCAM Express Vector Tools Module as it allows you to specify which vector layer you want apply the texture toolpath to.

Just some of the companies that currently use textures created in ArtCAM to differentiate their products from their competitors include US woodworking company, Heartwood Carvings and Korean manufacturing giant LG Electronics with the design of the new LG Waffle phone.

Texture toolpath used on an LG waffle phone and Heartwood Carving interior door
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