The ArtCAM Express Smart Engraving module is an extremely powerful tool for creating raised flat lettering suitable for name plates or foiling dies. This unique function not only rapidly clears away surplus material but also uses corner sharpening to create a clean crisp edge, ideal for foil stamping. Engraving effects such as Bevel In, Bevel Split, Flat with Bevel and Bevel Out can all be achieved.

Engraving profiles

To begin engraving you can either select the individual vector text or artwork, or if you have the Vector Tools module, your required Vector layer. From there you can choose from a database of over 250 cutting tools designed for roughing and engraving a range of hard materials.

When engraving your text, ArtCAM Express can take your cutting tool as tightly as possible into the corners of your vector artwork with its corner sharpening option. If your material however, has an uneven surface, you can ensure that your cutting tool is completely taken out of the material by specifying how far your tool retracts above the surface of the material.

For each individual tool you can attribute specific finishing depths as well as the necessary machining parameters such as the speeds and feeds to accommodate for your CNC machines’ capabilities and to allow for varying material hardness. For machining particularly hard materials, ArtCAM also provides a ramping move option, which will move your cutting tool in a zigzag pattern, where you specify the angle and length of each move as to tool moves deeper into the material. This is a great way to prevent tool breakages.

Smart engraving

To machine your piece, ArtCAM gives you the choice of 2 machining strategies to effectively cut into your material. With the raster machine toolpath, you can not only machine back and forth along the horizontal or vertical edge of your material but also select any required angle, for example diagonally across the material block. This gives a superior surface finish especially on more linear designs. Alternatively you can use the offset toolpath strategy which works well on more circular designs and choose from either conventional or climb milling.

So that your tool avoids any clamps that you may use to hold the material in place when machining, you can also enter in the required height above the surface of the material at which it is safe to move the tool at rapid speeds between toolpath segments.

For other engraving techniques why not find consider our Raised Round Module. If you would like to produce more advanced foil and embossing dies such as multi-level, sculptured or rotary please visit the ArtCAM Pro section of the website or contact your local reseller for a demonstration.

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