The ArtCAM Express Raised Round Module is ideal for foil and embossing dies with lettering as it generates engraving toolpaths directly from the vector artwork. Determining the optimum height and shape, this strategy enables you to create a tapered or custom curved edge to the letter design so that there are no sharp edges that would otherwise pierce through the material. This module can also be used to as an additional method of carving out decorative text for your signage.

Raised round engraving gradient settings

With this module you can select your vector text or if you have the ArtCAM Express Vector Tools Module, your vector layer and specify the gradient and shape you would like to add to the edge of your text. This can be done by either typing the angles that you would like to apply or by simply adjusting a diagram of the side wall profile to represent your preferences. ArtCAM will then automatically calculate the profile for you. These gradients can then be either calculated based on your specified width or the widest point between your vectors, calculated by ArtCAM.

In order to prevent chipping or extreme loads on the cutting tool, you can determine whether you would like the machining to begin at the centre or the edge or your design. Additionally you can opt for your preferred machine tool cutting direction (clockwise or anticlockwise).

So that your tool avoids any clamps that you may use to hold the material in place when machining, you can enter in the required height above the surface of the material at which it is safe to move the tool at rapid speeds between toolpath segments.

If after simulating your toolpath you are for any reason unhappy with your text, you can just go into the Raised Round toolpath and edit it so that you do not have to recreate your Raised Round toolpath.

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