This module will significantly enhance the 2D machining capabilities of your ArtCAM Express software. Strategies such as Profiling, Area Clearance and the Inlay wizard are just some of the strategies that will instantly benefit from a superior machining finish.

Creating Bridges

Creating bridges

If your work involves cutting out multiple parts from your material, for example, when profiling or creating inlays, you may require several bridging tabs (also known as breakout tabs) to prevent the pieces from moving during machining.

With the bridging options within the Advanced 2D Machining module, you can not only choose between 2D and 3D bridging tabs to hold them in place, but you can also select the number required, their positioning, thickness and length.

For ease of use, ArtCAM automatically defaults to 3D rather than 2D bridges, so that it is easier for you to remove the bridges once you have profiled your pieces.

To make your bridging tabs easier to break off once you have cut around your pieces you can determine the final pass thickness of your profiling toolpath to create a thin and easily removable tab.

Lead Moves

This module also helps you to prevent any unwanted dwell marks on your material thanks to its lead moves. This means that rather than your machine tool plunging directly into the material, machining the profile, and then retracting, the tool enters and leaves the material block in such a way that it reduces the tension put on the machine tool. This prevents tool breakages and is also useful for CNC machines that do not support vertical plunging.

When creating your toolpath you can select whether the machine tool enters and leaves the material by machining in a straight line, in an arc motion, or ramped from the surface of the design. Additionally you can choose the lead position and distance from the profiling toolpath, all of which enable you to create a smoother machining finish.

Lead moves

2D Area Clearance

Removing unwanted material from recessed or pocketed areas is now even faster! Working from an extensive tool database you can use multiple tools to remove your waste material. The first can be a larger tool to quickly and effectively remove the majority of the excess material followed by a smaller tool to give a much finer finish to the pocketed area.

For each tool selected you can choose how deep the tool will machine into the material as well as specifying the allowance for each tool.

2D Area Clear

Making Toolpath Alterations

If you decide that your toolpaths require modification rather than having to recreate them you can simply edit the toolpath parameters to your required settings.

Specifying The Machining Order

This module also gives you the freedom to select from the machining order chosen by ArtCAM or your own preferred sequence for each segment of your V-bit, drilling or profiling toolpaths. Additionally you can select the order that each toolpath is machined to create your finished piece.

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