If you want to import and work with a wider range of files in ArtCAM Express why not purchase the File Import Module? This module will give you some of the most advanced file import options that are currently available with our top of the range ArtCAM software package, ArtCAM Pro.

With this ArtCAM Express module you can import larger Tiff files so that much cleaner and smoother relief artwork is created directly from your imported image. Additionally you will be able to work with a larger range of 3D models, created in the CADCAM packages ArtCAM Pro or JewelSmith or other high-end manufacturing CAD packages. These include many surface modelling files generated in programs such as: CATIA and Creo Elements/ Pro (formerly known as Pro Engineer).

Import a variety of file formats

You will also benefit from Delcam’s long standing experience of working with IGES files as you can efficiently bring in and work with a number of IGES variants.

Other file types include: .Catpart | .catproduct | .psmodel | .asm | .sat | .fic | .elt | .xmt_txt | .x-t

For pressing dies such as multi-level, sculptured or rotary please visit the ArtCAM Pro section of the website or contact your local reseller for a demonstration.

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