Here's a collection of some ArtCAM Insignia related questions that we get regularly asked. If you'd like to put a question directly to us, please email us at Or speak to your local ArtCAM reseller.

Q: What's the latest version of ArtCAM Insignia?

The current release for the range (ArtCAM Express, ArtCAM Insignia, ArtCAM Pro & ArtCAM JewelSmith) is ArtCAM 2013. For more information on the latest features for the latest release of ArtCAM Insignia, please visit the Latest Version page.

Q: What is the recommended system specification for running ArtCAM Insignia?

Please visit the System Requirements page to see our minimum and recommended system settings for all ArtCAM products.

Q: What is an Add-In?

Toolbox Add-ins are macro extensions which add useful features to ArtCAM. Add-ins provide a method to create fully-integrated tools within ArtCAM. They also allow you to automate a number of operations within ArtCAM by executing a single command. An example is the 'Rope Creator' which builds a rope relief around a single closed vector which the user selects before running the Add-in. The Add-in prompts the user to enter various parameters that will control the appearance of the rope. The Add-in then performs a relatively complex series of steps to produce a rope that is wrapped along the selected vector.

Each Add-in has one folder containing a few files to run it. The Add-ins are located in the ArtCAM install directory. Typically:

C:\Program Files\ArtCAM Pro\Toolbox

Once an Add-in is copied into the Toolbox folder, it will appear on the Add In page on the right side of the ArtCAM screen.

Q: Can I use a graphics tablet?

Yes! Using a graphics tablet aids some tools within ArtCAM Insignia such as the Smooth and Erase tools.

Q: What file formats can ArtCAM Insignia work with?

ArtCAM Insignia can import a range of file types including triangle and surface models, which can then be added to with the 3D modelling functionality within ArtCAM or CNC machined. Below is a complete list of supported file formats according to their class:

Vector Files: EPS, DXF, AI, DWG, PDF, WMF, DGK, PIC
3D Files: 3DS, DXF, STL, U3D, OBJ, DMT
Surface Model Files: 3DM, DGK, SLDPRT, IGS, IGE, IGES
Delcam Files: PIC, DGK
ArtCAM Files: ART, 3DP, 3DA, RLF

Purchasing ArtCAM Insignia

Q: How Can I Purchase ArtCAM Insignia?

ArtCAM Insignia can be purchased through the Delcam network of sales and OEM partners or through the ArtCAM Online store.

Q: What online payment methods do you accept In The Online Store?

Payments accepted for ArtCAM Insignia, the mid-range CNC software program from Delcam

Q: Who do I talk to if I have an issue with purchasing online?

If for any reason you experience a problem purchasing ArtCAM Insignia from the ArtCAM online store, please e-mail: So that we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible, please ensure that you provide us with your contact details, such as telephone number, the e-mail address you would like to receive any correspondence to, and if you are an existing customer, your dongle ID and customer number.

Problems often encountered are due to payment restrictions created by your card provider. E.g. restrictions on payments overseas or a payment limit on your card. So that we can resolve any issue as quickly as possible, we advise that you to contact your bank to ensure that these restrictions have not been applied to your card.

Q: How easy is it to upgrade to other ArtCAM products?

Upgrading to other products in the ArtCAM range is quick and simple. If you wish to upgrade to ArtCAM Pro, our advanced artistic CADCAM software you will need to contact your local reseller or e-mail: with your contact details. Once you have contacted us we can get you up and running with the new software, by sending you the licence files electronically so that you can start work straight away.

Online Store: Delivery and Handling Fees

Q: How will my software be delivered?

If you are purchasing Delcam's mid-range CADCAM software, ArtCAM Insignia for the first time and you purchase your software from our online store, your software will be delivered by courier. Delivery times varying according to your geographic location and the delivery time you have selected. All deliveries will need to be signed for. If you have any specific delivery requests please ensure that they are added to the additional information box when you are placing your order. (This information, where possible, will then be passed onto the courier company. Please note. Specific times cannot be requested unless in the US or Canada. For more information please see the section below.)

Please note: Delivery details for your ArtCAM Insignia software will be different if purchased together with a CNC router from one of our CAM partners. Please speak to your CNC router supplier for specific details.

Q: What happens if I am not there for the delivery of my software?

Once you have bought ArtCAM Insignia from the online store you will be sent an e-mail containing all the necessary contact details for your courier. If you should miss your courier for whatever reason, you can use these contact details to make alternative arrangements. 

Q: Do you deliver to P.O. Box addresses?

Not all couriers accept delivery to P.O. box addresses.  To guarantee delivery, please use an alternative address when placing your order.

Q: How long does delivery take & how much will it cost?

The time it takes for you to receive your software and cost of delivery and handling will depend on where in the world we are shipping to and the level of service required. For All UK and International delivery charges (excluding US and Canada) we use priority services to ensure that you receive your software as quickly as possible.

Below is a list of delivery services and their cost:



Delivery time


Price **



3-5 working days





3-7 working days





2-4 working days





6-8 working days (Location dependant)





2-4 working days



Rest of World


3-5 working days (Location Dependant)



** This price does not include local taxes or import duties. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

Please note:

- Deliveries will be from Monday to Friday and exclude weekends and public holidays. Deliveries excluding US and Canada will be shipped from the U.K. and will therefore be subject to both the U.K. public holidays and those of your country. 

- This information is to act as a guide only. Once you have placed your order you will be provided with the courier’s contact details & your shipping information, should you have any queries or require more accurate timings.

Patches, Updates and Dongle Issues

Q: How do I download patches and updates?

From time to time Delcam will issue patches and updates for your CADCAM software, ArtCAM Insignia. These can easily be downloaded and installed from the ‘Check for ArtCAM updates’ option in the ArtCAM Insignia help menu. This will direct you to the ArtCAM Advantage site, where you can click on ‘Software Updates and Patches’ in the left side column to access the page. You will be able to download any patches required to run ArtCAM Insignia. Once downloaded, you will need to ensure that you install the patch.

Q: What happens if I lose my Dongle or it gets broken?

Delcam strongly recommend that you take out insurance on any Dongle against theft, loss or breakages. If you’re unfortunate enough to break or lose your dongle, you will need to purchase a new licence of ArtCAM Insignia. To do so you can e-mail: Please bear in mind that this will take time as the product will need to be shipped to you.

Q: What happens if my Dongle is faulty?

To help you determine if your Dongle is faulty we provide you with a checklist that you can run through to ensure that the problem cannot be resolved quickly. Alternatively you can call us and we will run through the process with you. If the dongle is genuinely faulty, we will reimburse all call charges and arrange the replacement of your Dongle. (Please note you will need to send the faulty dongle back to us).

Support and ArtCAM Advantage

Q: Does Delcam still offer the ArtCAM Advantage Package?

So that we could provide you with the most cost effective CADCAM solution, we have changed the way we support ArtCAM Insignia. The ArtCAM Advantage package is now only available through your local reseller. This can either be purchased at the same time as ArtCAM Insignia through your local reseller or from them at a later date.

Contact Your Local ArtCAM Insignia Dealer

Q: If I don't purchase the ArtCAM Advantage Package what level of support can I expect?

Although we recommend the ArtCAM Advantage package, there are still a number of support mechanisms in place for you to get the most out of the software. These include acess to an electronic user guide within the software, context sensitive information appearing over buttons & toolbars, reference help buttons in dialog boxes and tutorial packs, containing videos and step-by step documentation.

What's more there is also the option to call or e-mail us with your support questions. For information regarding the level of support available with online sales please click here.

Q: What happens if my Dongle is faulty?

To help you determine if your Dongle is faulty we provide you with a checklist that you can run through to ensure that the problem cannot be resolved quickly. Alternatively you can call us and we will run through the process with you. If the dongle is genuinely faulty, we will reimburse all call charges and arrange the replacement of your Dongle. (Please note you will need to send the faulty dongle back to us).


Q: What happens if I buy the wrong CADCAM software or want a refund?

If you buy the wrong product in the ArtCAM range you can easily upgrade to our advanced 3D modeling package, ArtCAM Pro with minimal disruption.  Our dedicated network of resellers will be more than happy to help. 

If you do however require a refund, orders may be cancelled within 7 working days of receipt of the product(s) or our acceptance of your order for services, whichever is earlier.  Please note that you will be responsible for paying the return delivery charges and will be subject to a Restocking fee of £15 / €20 / $25. 

To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you download the free trial software of ArtCAM Insignia prior to making your purchase.  For full information on refunds please read our Terms and Conditions on the online store.