The ArtCAM Express Nesting module is an extremely powerful machining tool. Not only does it include all the capabilities from within the Advanced 2D Machining Module, such as 2D and 3D bridges (also known as break-out tabs), lead moves and toolpath order amongst others, but also cuts out multiple parts as efficiently and economically as possible. ArtCAM Express can place vast numbers of letters or shapes tightly together, according to their true shape and then cut them from one or multiple sheets of material, reducing material waste.

These shapes or letters can be rotated to find the best position and fit on the sheet of material, nested within one another, for example in middle of the letter O or share a straight edge so that ArtCAM only cuts along one vector, reducing the amount of waste material even further.

Nested parts and letters to minimize waste material

You can also determine where on the sheet of material you would like to begin nesting your parts, for example the left or right hand side of the top of bottom of the sheet or along the X or Y Axis. To keep certain letters together, perhaps because they make up a word, you can group any vectors to keep them all intact. These words or parts, if required can then be duplicated by simply typing in your required amount and ArtCAM will create the additional vectors accordingly.

If you have a limited supply of material you can also tell ArtCAM how many sheets of material are available and ArtCAM will nest as much as is physically possible onto the specified quantity.

Furthermore, ArtCAM also give you the freedom to determine the required distance that you would like to keep your work from the edge of the material or how closely along the vectors you would like to machine.

With The Vector Tools Module

Further cost savings can also be achieved if you have purchased the Vector Tools module. The dimensions of any leftover material can be saved as a vector layer for another part of your design or saved in the vector library for use in a future project.

Additionally if you wish to change which parts of your design are to be nested at any point, all your original vector layers are preserved.

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