ArtCAM simulates a spiral toolpath

As a leading software developer, Delcam provides a range of CADCAM software solutions to effectively manufacture complex coin designs, regardless of the type of coin or medal you are looking to manufacture, for example bi-metalic, barrel shaped or coins with colours, holograms and latent images. ArtCAM can be used to CNC machine or laser engrave minting dies, collars and planchets on over 300 machine tools. Furthermore, if there is a CNC machine that we do not cater for, Delcam can write the necessary posts to ensure that ArtCAM can output to that machine.

For CNC machining, ArtCAM designs can be manufactured using 3-axis, rotary 4-axis, and also 4+1 axis internal CNC machining using specialized optional jigs (using ArtCAM JewelSmith). Alternatively, ArtCAM users can output an STL file of their coin design for laser engraving machines or other CAM packages.

Delcam PowerMill: 2, 3 And 5-axis CAM Software

Delcam PowerMill logo

For greater multi-axis machining, Delcams’s advanced CAM software, Powermill provides advanced machining strategies 2, 3, 4 axis CNC machines or even 6 or 7-axis robots for optimum machining.

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