Delcam works with those in the coin production industry to develop CADCAM software solutions that will give their coins the best authentication and fraud protection measures. Using laser engraving technology in conjunction with ArtCAM, designers can add visual security features such as micro-text or micro-engraved images onto the smallest of surfaces, which are only visible by close inspection under a microscope.

coin security features

ArtCAM can work at a resolution of 4000 x 4000 pixels so that small intricate details can be micro-engraved onto a coin. So long as the laser engraving machine has the required specifications this can then easily be machined. In most cases, UV will cut designs created in ArtCAM as small as 8 μm, although 60-70μm is small enough for stamping dies.

Using interacting relief layers in ArtCAM

Another method of certification is the creation of holograms or latent imagery. In the example opposite you can see how multiple images on a medal are displayed when they are tilted at different angles. Examples of 5-6 images can be produced and reproduced in coin dies.

To discuss other possible security solutions for coinage please contact your local reseller.