As with any coin design, one of the challenges that an engraver or sculptor faces is visualising their relief artwork as the finished coin. This is also important for others involved in the coin production process or if approval is required.

To aid this process, ArtCAM can render the coin design in a variety of materials such as copper, silver and gold, amongst others. For coloured coins, you can also apply colour to areas of your 3D relief so that you can see how this would look once colour has been applied. Alternatively for more complicated imagery, a bitmap image can be laid over the relief artwork.

Bi-metallic or tri-metallic coins can also be visualised by assigning the different materials to assemblies with an ArtCAM Project, for example one assembly is a gold outer ring and another a silver inner or dump.

3D PDF's of ArtCAM 3D relief Model

If this needs to be sent to parties outside of the company or those not using ArtCAM, the software allows you to create a 3D PDF of the coin model, which can be rotated for visualisation from all angles.