Aitkens Pewter Dragon Boat Medal

Delcam understands the importance of being able to create life-like representations of your jewellery designs so that: your designers can visualise their pieces; you can close on that all important sale; or for use in your sales and marketing literature. Because of this, Delcam has provided a number of options within ArtCAM JewelSmith to achieve this: from the quick and simple rendering within ArtCAM; to the incorporation of industry recognised rendering packages, POV-RAY and KeyShot.

The image above demonstrates the accuracy of the ArtCAM model (left) when shown against the final manufactured piece (right). Dragon Boat medal courtesy of Aitkens Pewter.

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Introducing KeyShot With ArtCAM JewelSmith

Keysho Rendering

KeyShot is a widely recognised & powerful interactive and realtime rendering software package from Luxion that is used by companies such as: Bunter for Arcadia, Oakley, Chanel, Cartier and Fossil, Saskia Dattner, Robin Ashby Designs, amongst many others. As the only application certified by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) for accurately simulating lighting in computer graphics, it can help you to create stunning life-like images of your designs in a matter of minutes by breaking down the barrier of complexity that is usually involved when creating these images.

In-keeping with Delcam’s focus on providing easy to use software, KeyShot will import your ArtCAM JewelSmith model directly from within JewelSmith, allow you to assign over 700+ materials by dragging and dropping them onto the model, adjust lighting and move the camera, all in real-time to create your renders in a matter of minutes!

KeyShot is also 100% CPU powered which means that the more cores your computer has the faster the rendering of your jewellery pieces will become. What’s more, if you need to free-up your CPU for other applications that you are running, you can simply pause it and start it again when you are ready.

  • Real-time raytracing
  • 100% CPU powered
  • Real world lighting
    • Image based lighting using high dynamic range images (HDRI), Brightness & contrast control, environment rotation & height adjustment.
  • Interactively assign materials
    • You can drag & drop materials from the library onto your model; copy & paste materials from one part of your model to another.
  • Adjust your lighting
  • Image Composition
    • Create your images by adding ground shadow, solid colour backgrounds.
  • Scientifically accurate materials
  • Camera Controls
  • Dynamic texture mapping
    • Apply 2D images onto your 3D model to create detailed effects. Create materials with fine details that would be unrealistic to build into your model and define color, bump, specular and opacity maps.
  • Interactive Label placement
    • Use labels to place JPG, Tiff, TGA, PNG and other common file formats of your logos or stickers freely onto your 3D model. Multiple labels can be added and each label has its own mapping type. It also supports images with transparency.
  • 4.1M pixel rendering resolution (2.1 Megapixel in real-time)
  • Available in ten languages

Please note that this list is not exhaustive! For the full technical specifications please click the button below:

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Enhance your rendering capabilities with The
ArtCAM Advanced KeyShot Rendering Package

Advanced Rendering

If you require greater rendering capabilities you can upgrade your ArtCAM JewelSmith with Delcam's Advanced KeyShot Rendering package. This includes KeyShot Pro, KeyShot Animation & KeyShotVR for ArtCAM. The benefits include: Render Queue, 360° Turntable Animation, Region Rendering, Offline Rendering as a separate process, View Sets, Model Sets, HDRI Light Editor, 3D Stereo Viewing and Export to OBJ.

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