ArtCAMs manufacturing tools are as powerful, flexible and easy-to-use as its design tools. Regardless of your previous manufacturing experience, ArtCAM can produce high-efficiency toolpaths to drive your chosen CNC machine or output STL files directly for Rapid Prototyping.

The fully configurable 'Machining Wizard' enables you to go from design to manufactured part quickly and easily. Machine your 3D Jewelry pieces using ArtCAM's wide range of 3D machining strategies and tools from within its database.

Designs can be manufactured using 3-axis, rotary 4-axis, 4+1 axis internal CNC machining using specialised optional jigs.

Multi-Sided Machining

ArtCAM will automatically calculate and produce the toolpaths for machining any 3D model from multiple directions with automatic support for tool changing and rotary index moves.

Rapid Prototyping

Import or export files in STL format for rapid prototyping, 3D Laser engraving or working with other CAD systems.

Feather ring and bi-plane created through Rapid Prototyping