Emboss or wrap ArtCAM relief models directly onto complex 3D shapes over multiple surfaces and solids using Delcam's Patented Total modeling technology. Total modeling gives you the best of all worlds; use Delcam Designer's CAD technology to generate your 3D models and use ArtCAM's relief modeling technology to generate your complex relief files. The combination of these two together gives you amazing results that will lift your designs to a new level.

Total modeling allows "What If" changes to be made interactively at any stage of the design process. Surfaces and solids may be morphed to new shapes. Complex 3D reliefs may be re-sized, moved, edited, or replaced with entirely new artwork.

Together these Total modeling techniques allow you to expand your capabilities far beyond what is achievable with conventional CAD, or a conventional relief modeller alone.

Embossed class rings in Delcam Designer