ArtCAM's powerful yet easy to use modeling tools allow you to build precise high quality, free-form 3D products. The interactive sculpting tools allow you to dynamically smooth and shape your models, blending areas to give a hand-crafted look and feel.

Apply a texture to any surface to add realism to your designs Add natural textures to your designs

Emboss reliefs onto your 3D models, scale, rotate and move them freely. Multiple Layers enable you to try many different ideas without the need to remodel anything. You can make your products unique by introducing beautiful 3D textures across defined areas, directly from 2D artwork or photographs , adding value to your finished products.

Create complex weave effects using the Weave Wizard to easily produce the 'over - under' effect found in many designs such as Celtic Weaves. ArtCAM's powerful artistic tools will allow you to explore new business avenues.

ArtCAM JewelSmith can produce a variety of Celtic style weaves for jewelry Tiger ring created using the ArtCAM Sculpture tools

The image of the tiger above has been sculpted in ArtCAM then applied to a signet ring through easy relief-layer blending.