Machining Wax

From small-business to global companies; ArtCAM JewelSmith has a range of flexible tools designed to save you time and money before production:

Calculate Material Weight

Calculate the weight of your jewelry model in different metals whilst automatically accounting for shrinkage.

CNC Tool Database

ArtCAM's extensive and Customizable CNC Tool Database will keep track of your cutting tools and their associated parameters. The tools are set up for a number of different materials and applications. The database is completely editable and the user can customise the database to their tooling needs.

Material Control

You are able to design with perfect symmetry for left and right handed pieces. You could also produce designs as a hollow piece with a constant wall thickness. Add a back-relief to compliment the front side of your design.

Machining Time

Choose from a variety of high-efficiency toolpaths to produce a high-quality finish in a very short amount of time. Reduce the time your model is on your CNC machine, freeing up the resource for further projects, reducing your costs and increasing your revenue. Accurately calculate the run time for each toolpath whilst viewing the results of the toolpath in the material simulation. JewelSmith Makes sure you get the right toolpath first time, every time.

Mass Production

Easily manufacture a single piece or create a complete male and female mold tool from your jewelery design for mass-manufacture. Whatever you are creating: rings, bangles, cuff links or broaches etc. for investment casting, or if you are producing hard mold or press tools using materials such as Cibatool, Alumilike or Metals for production lines, ArtCAM JewelSmith ensure your model is produced in the most efficient way possible.