Delcam Designer's state of the art surface modelling provides you with a highly intuitive environment and all the tools you need to create your designs. Creating highly intricate models is easy and fast with design tools such as the automated Smart Surfacer. The intelligent cursor enables to you construct wireframe geometry and find and edit key elements of you model, massively simplifying the design process. Pull twist and sculpt your designs to get your required shape. Delcam Designer is fun and easy to use.

The benefits of having a hybrid modeller rather than just a pure surface or pure solid modeller are many: you can get the best from both worlds - produce basic prismatic shapes in solid modelling and organic flowing shapes with surfaces. Delcam Patented Total Modelling also allows you to utilise ArtCAM reliefs in your 3D models, creating truly wonderful designs that would otherwise be impossible with ArtCAM alone.

Surface and solid modeling rings created in Delcam Designer