The Alternative Jewelry Shop nestled in the heart of downtown Nicholasville, Kentucky, housed within a unique, recently renovated, 118-year-old building and is run solely by Danny and Libby Barnes. Having bought ArtCAM February of 2005 they haven't looked back. They used to hand carve all of their waxes and hand fabricated Jewelry pieces, which has helped them excel with ArtCAM.

Pendant by The Alternative Jewelery Shop
We believe knowing how to make a piece of jewelry by hand is a great asset when using ArtCAM."

I asked him why they made the move over to CADCAM and Danny replied:

We hoped that the software would enable us to create much more elaborate jewelry pieces in less time. The entire process of designing on the computer to cutting the wax on the mill, is much faster and more precise than we can craft by hand."
Poker ring design by The Alterntive Jewelery Shop

They chose ArtCAM because the example waxes they were shown by their reseller thoroughly impressed with the amazing potential and precision of the waxes created by ArtCAM.

As with any craft business not previously using CAD software there is always a period of readjustment and training, and as the entire workforce is Danny and Libby that adjustment had to be rapid.

At first, we struggled a bit because we were not familiar with the program. However, Libby is skilled with the computer and with Libby's prior knowledge of computers, Danny's jewelry making skills, and the assistance of our reseller we have been able to create pieces that we only dreamed about before."
Rings by the Alternative Jewelery Shop

When asked about why ArtCAM has helped transform their business Danny replied.

ArtCAM removes the pressure and stress which is normally involved in hand-making jewelry. ArtCAM allows us to make changes and alter our designs and enables us to complete jobs that we previously would have turned away. ArtCAM is good at putting more money in our pockets.

ArtCAM has enabled us to streamline our productivity. There is very little wasted time. The mill can work while we sleep! We are able to go from concept to completion in a more efficient manner."
Iron Man pendant by the Alternative Jewelery Shop

One of the first jobs they did with ArtCAM JewelSmith was an iron man / iron woman pendant. Libby and Danny described to me that after completing the iron man / iron woman triathlon last October (before ArtCAM came into our lives) they had the idea of designing a piece of jewelry in honor of this achievement. However without ArtCAM this design would have been "near impossible".

With ArtCAM they were able to achieve the design they wanted. The pieces received rave reviews among the local triathlon scene in central KY and are now hoping to market these nationwide.

Thru ArtCAM JewelSmith we were able to make a very complicated design with ease and confidence."

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