Royal Asco medal courtesy of David Stokes

Shown to the right is a jewellery prize presented by the Queen to the winner of the 2002 King George the VI and the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes at Royal Ascot. The piece was entirely designed and manufactured using ArtCAM Pro. The magnificent 18ct gold and platinum piece, emulating an Ascot badge included a brilliant cut diamond together with 6 princess cut diamond nails, and captured the delicate grass texture of the race course. This priceless piece, commissioned by De Beers, was designed by Jess Canty of Jess James London, and created by David Stokes of Delcam plc.

The project had a tight deadline, but the quality of finish could not be compromised on such a prestigious piece. By using ArtCAM Pro Jess Canty, and David Stokes were able to complete the entire design in a day without any such compromise. Each element of the piece was designed and modeled separately, as each would be machined separately and assembled later.

The main shape for the piece was created using ArtCAM's vector tools. The grass texture for the background was produced easily using the extrude feature within ArtCAM's suite of powerful 3D profile modeling tools. To achieve the realistic hoof shape on the underside of the piece. David started by using a bitmap image of a horses hoof. He was able to use this as a template to build up the initial shapes then achieve the final natural hoof shape, using ArtCAM Pro's sculpting tools.

Jess Canty commented that.

Using traditional manufacturing techniques this jewellery piece would have taken two or three weeks to produce. Areas such the grass texture and the raised lettering would have been very difficult, if not impossible to create. Using ArtCAM Pro I was able to design and create the whole item within a single day!"

Once the piece had been designed on the screen. The wax master model was then CNC machined within 4 hours using ArtCAM's powerful machining strategies and was ready for casting.

Hean Studio cast the finished piece in platinum and 18ct gold. It was then hand finished and diamond set by Jess James London. Both companies have subsequently purchased ArtCAM Pro and Delcam's Alcami design and manufacturing solution.