For over 28 years Puspam Jewellery has catered for the high end of the Indian Jewellery Market with meticulously produced jewellery. Situated in the heart of India's business capital, Mumbai, Puspam continually faces heavy competition and the challenges of an ever evolving market place. Previously dependant on handcrafting all their pieces they had to cope with not only lengthy production processes but also dimensional inaccuracies. After buying ArtCAM JewelSmith & CNC machines they are now able to produce precise jewellery pieces fast.

Pave jewellery by Puspam

Mr Rajesh, owner of Puspam Jewellery believes that ArtCAM has helped them to not only create their own style of jewellery but taken the extremely difficult task of producing hollow jewellery and made it easy.

Pave honeycomb

For Puspam it all started when they were approached by one of their customers, requiring a honeycomb pave design with specific size and shapes for the diamonds. This however posed a problem for the designers due the precise positioning required. In micro pave diamonds are set in a honeycomb pattern with very small sizes ranging from 0.80mm to 1.20 mm with pave sizes of 0.30mm.

Without ArtCAM we would have never been able to complete the job, because we would never have been able to hand make the part with different sizes of diamond."

ArtCAM allowed them to make the changes to the model without having to spend the day redoing the design changes. Once the design was ready on the screen, the wax master model was then CNC machined within 4 hours using ArtCAM's powerful machining strategies and was ready for casting.

Pave ring by Puspam
Using traditional manufacturing techniques this jewellery piece would have taken two to three weeks to produce. Using ArtCAM JewelSmith I was able to create the whole item within 2 days!

Thanks to ArtCAM and CNC machining, Puspam Jewellery has achieved a milestone in micro pave jewellery which was next to impossible with the manual process.

We have been hand making jewellery for 28 years, but I have never seen such a beautiful & precise work done so easily."