Michaels Designs necklace

One of the first orders Michael's Designs Inc received after purchasing ArtCAM was a platinum necklace set with black and white diamonds, which they say, they could never have completed without ArtCAM. Their client, who had procrastinated about his wife's birthday present, called 5 days before her birthday and wanted the necklace made. It had to lay at a certain angle on her neck, and the diamonds were not all the same sizes.

Without ArtCAM we would never have been able to complete this job because we would never have been able to hand make all the different sample links to accommodate the different stone sizes. Plus the different angles of each link to make sure it was the right size and laid at the right angle."

The process of having to make compensations needed for shrinkage and making sure the stones fitted after it was cast would have taken more than a week on its own. ArtCAM allowed them to make changes to the model without having to spend the day redoing the links by hand. An example of this was the small matter of changing the stone size. Michael again said:

In ArtCAM we would spend 2 minutes making the change and an hour later we would have the piece in our hands. We were able to produce this piece set and polished to deliver to our client in 4 days. A new record in our shop! We have been hand-making jewelry for 35 years. I am a second-generation jeweler, my father made jewelry for the queen of England. With all my experience I've never seen a necklace made of this high quality in such a short time."

Michael Buckley
Michael's Designs

For more information on Michaels Designs, please visit his website: www.michaeljbuckley.com