CNC 加工

Easy to use yet fully configurable machining enables you to go from design to manufactured part extremely quickly and easily. Machine your pieces using ArtCAM's wide range of 3D machining strategies and tools from within its database. Designs can be manufactured using 3-axis, rotary 4-axis, and also 4+1 axis internal CNC machining using specialized optional jigs (using ArtCAM JewelSmith). ArtCAM can output to over 200 machine tools.

CNC Machining


ArtCAM will automatically calculate and produce the toolpaths for machining any 3D model from multiple directions with automatic support for tool changing and rotary index moves.

Rotary Machining

STL 格釋輸出及快速成形、3D列印

Import or export files in STL format for rapid prototyping, 3D Laser engraving or working with other CAD systems.

Rapid Protortyping models


One of the major benefits to most of our end users is the speed that they are able to learn and start using the software to make them money. ArtCAM incorporates a number of features to allow you to start using the suite immediately and as efficiently as possible.

ArtCAM efficient design and manufacturing workflow

At every stage of the design and manufacturing process, you have access to help documents explaining every feature. The help text appears directly by the tool you require information, rather than have to trail endlessly through help search menus as is the case in so many other systems.

You can set your own preferences for how the software operates. These include the default drawing colors, toolpath strategies and general ArtCAM behavior. ArtCAM has a very user-friendly, clear and easy to use interface and the software is supplied a comprehensive set of tutorials and manuals to help you master the different techniques.