ArtCAM Pro has been developed to provide the tools for any designer to create stunning three dimensional pieces. Designs can be created purely in ArtCAM Pro or pre-created vector artwork and 3D models can be imported directly into the software to use as a basis for a design.

3D Roman Relief courtesy of Streamline Automation and Evoke Concrete

ArtCAM can import a range of file types including: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI, IGES, STL, DXF and Rhino, amongst many others.

Additionally, ArtCAM Pro provides a fully expandable relief clipart library with over 600 free 3D reliefs that can be included into your work, covering: architectural pieces, greenery, weaves, frames and animals, amongst others.

ArtCAM Pro comes with an extensive library of 3D relief models that you can use in your designs

Selecting from a vast array of 3D modelling tools, you can instantly transform coloured areas of a Bitmap image or selected vector shapes into 3D with a click of a button. Alternatively you can use open vectors to represent the edges and cross sections of your 3D relief.

The Greenman 3D Relief

Furthermore you can take any 2D shape or letter and create perfectly smooth domed or centreline ridged shapes. Unique in the CADCAM world!

Complex weave effects can also be easily created using the Weave Wizard.

An example of creating complex weave patterns in ArtCAM