Wooden organic texture

ArtCAM Pro is recognised in a vast range of industries worldwide for its unique texture creation tools. They are used to make: signs, embossing plates, wall panels, phone covers and sculptures, amongst many other applications.

Designers can generate textures directly from: images and photographs, pre-designed shapes, or by using the geometry of a tool. Alternatively they can use ArtCAM's patent-pending 'Texture Flow' tool to create stunning organic textures, such as: hair, fur and scales.

ArtCAM Pro texture examples

Unlike any other CAD package, the Texture flow tool allows you to select individual or grouped vectors or clipart and use them as a basis for completely organic or random patterns. These can be mirrored, swept along or around a vector to create stunning effects. To make more natural designs, artists can also determine the spacing between each item, their scale and angle, as well as how they integrate with a specified boundary.

Flowers on a textured background

Sign-maker and woodworker Joe Valasek comments:

I was stunned by the result and the possibilities of this tool!
Fishes artwork courtst of Joe Valasek

Examples of the ArtCAM Texture Flow Tool in Action: