View your finished pieces on screen, assign different materials to the various parts of the design or view a bitmap image over the 3D relief, then move and rotate the finished product within a fully reflective environment.

ArtCAM gives you the chance to define the reflective environment and also create your own. Customize your rendering by creating your own backdrop images, giving you the chance to tailor your view. Import scenic views or add your own company logos or even those of the customer you are presenting to.

The rendering and presentation tools will produce stunning visuals for catalogues, sales materials and win the all important customer approval. The image above compares the ArtCAM wood material rendering (left) to a photo of the final machined design (right).

ArtCAM's sophisticated rendering capabilities can replicate a wide variety of materials including metals such as gold, silver, bronze (foil die below left) and platinum (crest below right).

Render your design in a variety of different realisitc materials