ArtCAM Insignia’s embossing, sculpting texture design options can be used to create a range of unique surface finishes and design flourishes for applications such as: signage, textured panels for furniture or embossed wall papers and cards, to name just a few.

3D CAD 壓成浮雕

Within seconds an ArtCAM Relief or imported model can be reduced to any height, whilst maintaining the prominent details and illusion of depth from the original model.

Emboss a 3D model and also add perspective Emboss a model for a variety of applications

This is ideal for the creation of low relief background images for signs or foiling and embossing dies.


ArtCAM Insignia’s Smooth and Erase sculpting tools offer multiple benefits. Blemishes can be removed from scanned 3D models; adjoining areas of relief artwork smoothed out or sharp edges softened. Particularly useful if you design foil stamping or embossing dies as you can prevent the die from ripping the material!

With ArtCAM Insignia you can choose the size and shape of your smoothing tool and how much pressure you apply when sculpting. You can also limit how much of the material block you sculpt so you keep within the size of your material.

Smooth and sculpt areas with ArtCAM Insignia

If you make a mistake with your sculpting you can easily sculpt back to a previous point in time. For example, you could smooth an area and erase a small portion back to its original state. By varying the pressure you apply to the design, you can also determine how much of your smoothing you remove. Alternatively you could digitally sculpt areas of your design completely flat.

Texture Tool

Insignia’s 2D Texturing strategy uses preset or custom parameters to create sophisticated but highly efficient cutting patterns using selected tool geometry. With this feature you can add existing textures, hand-carving effects or exotic patterns to your designs in just a few minutes. This adds enormous visual impact to your work with very little design effort or machining time.

ArtCAM Insignia texture tool