ArtCAM allows you to import 3D models or files from other CAD packages, which can be added to or manipulated to make complex and intricate 3D reliefs. Additionally you can instantly add height and shape to selected bitmap colours and vectors or add pre-created relief artwork from ArtCAM’s extensive clipart library. To make designing easier, your model can be built up of a number of relief layers, which can then be edited at any point during the design process.

For complex projects, such as a cabinet with individual panel designs, components can be designed and saved separately and then assembled into a 3D model of the complete piece. These can then all be stored as a single project. Each component can then be cut and pasted between different files to easily create new product lines or to re-use designs items.

When I realised that ArtCAM Insignia was made by Delcam, a name which I knew and respected, I bought the software immediately.

Fernando Perez : MacucoCAM, Argentina