Despite the challenges of living in an area of slow economic growth, Fernando Perez has begun his own small sign making and wooden ornaments business, MacucoCAM, in the Salta Province of Northern Argentina.

MacucoCAM Clock

To minimise the start-up costs for his company, Fernando began by studying various routers and using numerical control software under Linux to design and create his own CNC router.

He then searched the internet for an affordable and easy to use CADCAM software package to work with his router and came across ArtCAM Insignia.  Fernando said that “from the outset I could see that Insignia not only has great capacity for V-carving, but powerful and intuitive toolpaths and an extremely user friendly interface.”  When he realised that Insignia was made by Delcam, a name which he knew and respected he bought the software immediately.

Parts of the clock in ArtCAM Insignia

One of the first pieces to feature in MacucoCAM’s product range includes his wooden kinetic clocks. The design principle behind these clocks was to develop mechanisms totally exposed with no batteries or electricity to power them. He wanted to create purely kinetic sculptures. For one of his clocks Fernando uses rocks tied to the ends of cords to generate the necessary force to operate it. 

Fernando offers very distinctive pieces and as we can see from these images, ArtCAM truly is a tool of Artisans. 

MacucoCAM clock