ArtCAM gives you the freedom to begin your 2D artwork either directly in the software or by importing drawings or layered file formats such as PDF or AI into ArtCAM.

Designs can then be quickly be created or edited with ArtCAM’s range of vector tools. The text tool is just one of these and contains over 300 fonts, including standard “single-stroke” engraving fonts for faster more efficient engraving times. Alternatively you can make your own with ArtCAM’s Font Creator. This not only allows you to edit, manipulate and distort existing fonts but also tailor any font to match the specific capabilities of your CNC machine.

Image courtesy of Nortmeade CNC

Vectorizing saves us vast amounts of time as we can clean up the vectors before machining, giving a higher quality plate and less time refining & re-machining them.

Vic Britton : Coatings Direct