Smart Design september 11 Memorial for the Pentagon

In the two years since Smart Design was established, the company have enjoyed a level of success which has helped make them the envy of some of their more established competitors. This success is undoubtedly due to; firstly the drive and ambition of its founder and owner Shelly McMahan, secondly the successful implementation and use of ArtCAM Pro and lastly, the small matter of producing signs and exhibits for federal government agencies in the Pentagon.


Prior to setting up the business, Shelly had spent seven years working for the US Air Force graphics department in the Pentagon. Nevertheless Smart Design had to bid for the contract of producing the Pentagon memorial just like everyone else. Shelly knew that by using ArtCAM Pro she would be able to complete the job faster, cheaper and to a higher quality then anyone else. This allowed her to submit the most competitive quote and win the contract.

The job, which in total included eleven separate pieces, had as a focal point, a 3D carved two foot replica of a small lapel pin, held against a panel of engraved acrylic. Smart Design utilised the modelling and machining capabilities of ArtCAM Pro to help turn the job round in the tight 5-week deadline. Shelly called on the help of Northcoast Signworks (another well respected ArtCAM Pro user) to scan the original pin then take the 3D data into ArtCAM Pro, to scale up, tidy and finish with some additional artwork. ArtCAM's machining strategies were used to route the piece before Shelly fine tuned it by hand and then had a mould made for the emblem to be cast.

The sprayed and lacquered piece now hangs proudly in the Pentagon as a permanent memorial to those who lost their lives on September 11th 2001.