From traditional architectural products to innovative concrete creations like wall reliefs, sculptures and a range of artistic projects, every Evoke Concrete project begins with the desire to create something that goes beyond the same old, same old. Evoke works to give their clients the kind of concrete creations they simply can’t get anywhere else.

3D Wall created with ArtCAM Pro and the Frog 3D system from Streamline Automation

In order to go beyond conventional concrete, Evoke Concrete relies on a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology. In the past, concrete companies have relied on conventional mold making processes that require countless hours of meticulous hand carving. Evoke realized how time-consuming these processes could be, and because they didn’t want their creativity limited in any way, they turned to technology.

By combining the 3D laser scanning and CNC routing capabilities of Streamline Automation’s FROG3D™ foam carving system with the power of ArtCAM Pro, Evoke has revolutionized their mold making processes. Projects start with a scale model of the final piece, which Evoke scans using FROGScan™, a 3D laser scanner that creates a 3D data file. This file is ultimately sent to the FROGMill™, a 3D CNC milling machine that produces an enlarged foam version of the piece. This positive is then used as part of Evoke’s innovative mold making process to create an intricate and durable mold. To bridge the gap between the raw data file and machine production, Evoke relies on ArtCAM Pro to manipulate 3D files and model 3D relief files.

Evoke use ArtCAM to create detailed 3D relief models
ArtCAM Pro gives us what we need to tie our mold making system together."

explains Jason Mantei, who owns Evoke with cousin Dallas Mantei. "We can start with a scanned file or create a 3D model from scratch and then do our editing to prepare the project for production. With ArtCAM this process is simple and it lets us go from idea to mold very quickly." Combined with the mold making power of the FROG3D™ system, ArtCAM Pro lets Evoke mold anything imaginable with amazing levels of detail. Their productivity and creativity are not limited by the outdated processes that hold back much of their competition. Just as important for Evoke is ArtCAM Pro’s usability. "For us, the fact that ArtCAM is so easy to use is very important", explains Dallas. "It’s completely integrated with our FROG3D™ system, so we can create our molds with one seamless process that’s fully automated."

Ultimately, all of this ensures that Evoke doesn’t need to compromise on their projects.

Museum exhibit themed environment
Whether we’re doing a new take on a standard architectural product or creating something that hasn’t been done before, we can inject all the creativity and detail we want. This means we can give our clients exactly what they want. ArtCAM Pro is a big part of this capability."

Streamline Automation

For more information on themeing applications and the Frog3D™ System please visit the Streamline Automation website.