Albert Einstein machined in foam courtesy of Streamline Automation

To put it simply, Streamline Automation is in business to help their clients get more creative. More specifically, their automated 3D foam carving system gives their clients from the theming, sculptural and architectural industries the ability to create ‘works of art' using foam.

Streamline's FROG3D™ system combines 3D laser scanning, hot wire cutting, 3D milling and various finishing capabilities in an integrated, end-to-end foam carving solution. FROG3D™ has helped theming and sculptural businesses from around the world create the kind of eye-catching products you'll find in casinos, theme parks and museums. It has also made its mark in the worlds of architectural concrete and mold making, allowing users to create intricate architectural molds and products. In all cases, the creativity, detail and quality associated with conventional hand carving shines through, but the tedious manual processes needed to get there are now a thing of the past.

To ensure their clients have the software tools needed to fully leverage FROG3D™'s capabilities, Streamline selected ArtCAM Pro as a critical component of the system.

"Once an object is scanned with the FROGScan™ laser scanner, software is required to help turn the 3D scans into final products", explains Geoff Brennan, Streamline's lead technician. "Streamline chose ArtCAM Pro for its ability to do the heavy lifting when it comes to 3D file manipulation and the modeling of 3D relief files." By simplifying the conversion of FROGScan™'s point cloud data format into an editable 3D file format, Streamline's clients get much greater flexibility when setting their jobs up for production. "ArtCAM gives our clients powerful capabilities to manipulate FROGScan™ files, which can then be easily sent off to our FROGMill™ machine for production", explains Brennan. "By combining all of these capabilities with the fact that ArtCAM integrates seamlessly with our 3D scanning technology, we can offer a powerful solution that's very easy to use."

Einstein model in ArtCAM

Because Streamline is certified to provide their clients with ArtCAM Pro training and support, ArtCAM's benefits also extend directly to the efficiency of Streamline's business operations. "We have systems across North America and around the world, so it's important that the software we use is cost effective to support", explains Streamline's President Dwayne Lehman. "ArtCAM Pro's usability and advanced features make it a perfect complement to the FROG3D™ system and the best solution for our clients. Top that off with the fact that ArtCAM is a great company to work with and you can understand why we choose to do business with them."

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