Seagrapes sign

On first glance Classic Sign's award-winning SeaGrapes sign doesn't seem a typical ArtCAM project. However half of the enjoyment of working with ArtCAM customers is the chance to view the novel and interesting new ways people find to use the software.

The SeaGrapes Sign, which won the 2002, Signs of the Times award for 'Mounted or Projecting Dimensional Signs' is a typical example of this. Mike Sheehan, owner of Classic Sign, cleverly designed and produced all the copper leaves in this piece using ArtCAM Pro. The form of the leaves was designed in ArtCAM, then, by offsetting the relief Mike was able to machine the two halves of a stamp mould. By scaling the model in ArtCAM, three moulds were produced for different sized leaves.

Leaf mould

Using ArtCAM's machining strategies Mike was able to route out the three MDF tools in less than two hours and had sixty pressed leaves in two more. That's the complete design and manufacturing of all 60 copper leaves within 5 hours! Mike told me that he would never of tried to create the grape leaves by hand as it would have been cost prohibitive.

Close up of the leaves and 3D grapes

Mike has been using ArtCAM at Classic sign now for three years. Before this he would mainly hand carve and carry out some 2D routing. ArtCAM has proved a great help in producing pieces like the SeaGrapes, where multiple copies and different sizes are required of the same design. Another benefit recognized is the ability to make molds to cast with:

I create a lot of decorative trim and frames. I found ArtCAM to be very accurate, even up to twelve feet or more "

Although being a great fan of ArtCAM and developments made in the recent versions, Mike plays a proactive role with suggestions for new features. This kind of feedback is invaluable in the continued development of the software.

Mike Sheehan
Classic Sign & Mirror
Pensacola, FL