Scott Fortune from Fox Chapel Area High School has used ArtCAM Insignia and his imagination to give an old idea a whole new lease of life. I can remember getting these dinosaur kits as presents as a kid, however none of them came in this size!

Wooden dinosaur raptor kit by Scott Fortune

Scott started off by purchasing a small scale model to design the dinosaur from. After an unsuccessful attempt to scan the individual pieces, he scanned a rough picture of the pieces.

Then using ArtCAM Insignia he vectorised the bitmap scanned image. He found the convert span to arc tools very useful in making a smooth design. In making the interlocking joints he created ¾ inch rectangles. The joints were ¾ inch because that is the thickness of the material used.

Nesting the dinosaur pieces

Once all the pieces had been designed, Scott used the nesting tool to position the pieces into the size of material he had available to cut the piece from. The last step was the create a Insignia file toolpath with a few ¼ tabs on each piece.

The resulting assembled piece can be seen below... Well Done Scott!! And a big thank you to Richard his teacher for posting this excellent example on the The ArtCAM User Forum.

Full Velociraptor in wood