ArtCAM Express allows a variety of 3D models to be brought directly into the software. Inside the package you then have the freedom to rotate or mirror the images to create the desired effect. ArtCAM Express has the ability to import and work with a variety of industry standard 3D models and file formats including 3ds, dxf, obj, 3dm, stl & u3d.

ArtCAM 3D Clipart Library

ArtCAM Express comes complete with ArtCAM's fully expandable 3D Clipart library. Here you can choose from over 600 3D reliefs covering subjects such animals, people, crests, sports, weaves, textures and many more. Combine different items from our 3D Clipart library with your own designs or add your own frequently used designs to the library to reuse later. All the relief objects are fully scalable and can be rotated and positioned to best suit your design.

The 3D relief clipart library
Explore the included 3D Relief Clipart Library of over 600 3D Relief Models...