With ArtCAM Express you can create unique artwork within the software using our easy to use drawing tools. You can also import designs or sketches from a variety of other sources including 2D vector artwork. ArtCAM Express can import most common vector and bitmap image formats, including: pdf, bmp, jpeg, tiff, gif, eps, or compressed dwg and dxf files.

Easily create vectors from imported bitmap images in ArtCAM Express


Using the intuitiveness of Express's Bitmap To Vector function you will be able to import your 2D Bitmap image directly into the software, it will then automatically create the necessary vectors. ArtCAM Express supports most common vector formats including: JPEG's, Tiffs, Gifs, and BMP's. Text can then be added to your design using the text tools provided. Alternatively you can manually create the vectors along the Bitmap using the vector creation tools.

Reduce colours to automatically create vectors from bitmap images

To help you do this, you can instantly minimize the number of colours that the image displays using a sliding bar or alternatively, you can choose a particular colour to replace an existing one by either by painting over the area or flood filling it (Both achievable in the 2D and 3D view). These painted or flood-filled areas can then be used as a guideline to create vectors for your machining strategies.

Working With Vectors

ArtCAM Express's versatile vector tools let you quickly and easily create vector based designs using a large variety of shapes and freehand vector curves. Vector editing provides the tools necessary to change these designs or edit 2D imported vector based designs.

Working with vectors in ArtCAM Express

Importing 3D designs is easy too. ArtCAM Express has import filters for most standard file formats including ai, eps, dwg and dxf files. Raster graphics - Bitmaps, Jpeg's, Tiffs and Gifs can quickly and easily be converted into high quality, machinable vectors.