Coin Making With ArtCAM 2012 - Creating The Peacock Coin

Designed by Delcam in ArtCAM Pro, this promotional coin was created as part of the 'Peacock' range, specifically created for the launch of ArtCAM 2012. Here you can see some of the great new features of ArtCAM Pro 2012 including the 'Free Relief Modelling', 'Texture Flow' and 'Smart Engraving' in action.

In this video we'll show you the complete design and manufacturing process from creating the coin in ArtCAM Pro, machining the stamping dies, stamping the coin blanks and finally the chemical plating process.

Many thanks to Howard Bros. Engravers Ltd, Merit Badge & Regalia Co Ltd and Taylor Plate (Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham UK) for their assistance in creating this piece.