Welcome to Heavy's world. Heavy's world is a world where creativity is king, a place where old world ideas mesh with new world technologies. Heavy's world is a place where everyone understands that the steps on the journey to the next masterpiece are just as important as the final form. Heavy world also happens to be the name of Heavy Industries' website and it is also a reflection of the company's work. Such was the world the founders envisioned when they set out to create Heavy in a garage just five short years ago.

Heavy Industries office front with Dora the Explorer

Since that time, Heavy has moved into a 26,000 square foot, state-of-the-art theming facility, achieving milestones that would take most theming companies a decade or more. What started as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate that theming could be done differently has quickly turned into a thriving company. Heavy now serves name-brand clients from around North America such as Marc Jacobs, the Houston Texans and Paramount Parks, to name a few.

Founded by the collective talents of entrepreneur Dwayne Lehman, engineering whiz Ryan Bessant and a small group of very talented artists, Heavy decided early on they would rely heavily on technology in order to deliver high quality projects in less time compared to manual processes.

From the outset Heavy's production processes were designed with automation in mind. The company uses customized 3D scanning and milling technology in order to go from 'art to part' quickly.

A key component in Heavy's technology arsenal is ArtCAM Pro from Delcam. "We have a customized 3D scanning system for doing full 3D work, but when it comes to creating 3D relief nothing is as fast or easy as working in ArtCAM Pro", says Ryan Bessant.

Of particular note, Heavy is very proud of the 4 foot diameter replica of the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer coin for the Royal Canadian Mint. "The Mint uses ArtCAM in their design process so it only seemed fitting that we use ArtCAM in creating the replica", jokes Bessant. "We used ArtCAM Pro to convert the 2D vector artwork supplied from the Mint into a 3D relief file. We then used the 3D relief modeling tools, especially the Face Wizard tool, to create the profile of the Queen. The resulting file was then tool pathed to create the final machine file."

Canadian Mint coin produced by Heay Industries

Heavy then used ArtCAM Pro to export the machine code file to the CNC FROGMill. "ArtCAM allowed us to do both 2D and 3D milling strategies to create the final part", notes Dwayne Lehman. "Working with ArtCAM made the job simple and fast." The 3D file of the coin was milled into hard polyurethane foam and then coated with Luminore in order to create the desired final finish.

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