Northcoast Signworks sign

"ArtCAM Pro has definitely changed the way we look at and produce signs" exclaimed Jim Hamilton, President of Northcoast Signworks, based in Richfield, USA. "It gives us the unique ability to create custom production pieces in a way that saves time and ensures quality."

Jim, who is also the company’s primary designer, said, "We don't simply make signs; we create powerful images that influence a viewers perception of a company or organisation." Though most of the signs look traditional, they are often produced using futuristic materials, modelling software and a computerised router, combined with the classic techniques of carving, gilding and hand painting.

Bill Hamilton, Jim’s younger brother and head craftsman, adds, "We have the ability with our high-tech capabilities to create the best quality signage, but it's still the design and finish that separates us." Established in 1993, Northcoast Signworks has quickly become one of the nation's leaders in dimensional sign work. Some of the company’s clients include Sea World, the Cleveland Zoo and the National Park Service. ArtCAM Pro was recently added to the growing arsenal of sign making capabilities.

When you realise that most sign projects are double-sided or involve multiple pieces, you can quickly see how using the software and the router can save time. Our craftsman can now work on other important components of a project while the router effortlessly does its job."

Jim Hamilton goes on to say, "ArtCAM Pro also opens up other markets to expand into including wood working and the art field. We’ve only had the software for a couple months and already I can’t believe how we were able to work without it!"

Jefferson park sign

One of the first projects worked on with the new ArtCAM software was a sample piece for the show room sign gallery. "It has always been important to us to create signs using the best of today’s technology, but with the appearance of a timeless finish and design." explains brother Bill. "On the Cleveland 2nd Battalion piece, we incorporated old fashioned techniques, combined with 3-D carving and routing. The fireman was completely modelled in ArtCAM and routed on our Gerber Sabre router."

The software and router will never replace all of our artistic abilities, but it certainly tackles the more mundane tasks around the studio, making us much more efficient and therefore more profitable"

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