Joe Valesk has been using ArtCAM for over 4 years now and is a highly respected carver of fine wooden mouldings and signs. His most recent project called upon all of his skills as an ArtCAM user....

In his own words.....

A little over a year ago, our carving company got a call from a major recreational vehicle manufacturer who asked if we could "carve just about anything", I gulped a bit, then thought of what we were capable of, thanks to our experience with ArtCAM, and answered, "Sure!"

Decoartive wooden mouldings

"Just about anything" turned out to be mostly classical ornament carving, the type of thing you might see in a 17 th century manor house but in this case fitted to sleek, luxurious land yachts. We make friezes, columns and accent carvings of all sorts for the coaches.

ArtCAM has really been put through its paces in our office. We've probably designed 30 to 50 different carvings ranging from a version of classical egg and dart through woven Celtic-style friezes to reliefs of golf clubs, grapes and leaves, equestrian reins, bits and stirrups, etc, etc.

With ArtCAM, we have the capability to be extremely responsive to our customer's specific needs. A single project may require the same carved frieze in 6 different sizes. ArtCAM lets us resize a design in very reasonable times so that we can always provide custom fits.

Decorative Mouldings

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