TheSelknam Inlaid table

Raul Valencia Cardenas has recently created a unique coffee table as one of his first projects in ArtCAM Pro. We asked Raul to talk us through the inspiration for this piece, how he designed and made his table, and why he chose Delcam’s ArtCAM to do so.

What was your inspiration for this table design?

I got the idea from the ethnic motif of the Patagonian village of Selknam, in the Tierra del Fuego province, South Argentina. I took a simplified version of the Motif and then with just the face of a village woman used the lines from the drawing to create the vectors.

For the table’s base material I choose to try and keep as close as possible to the motifs origins and used the wood from the Lenga tree, a tree native to the southern regions of Chile and Argentina. For the inlaid piece of wood, however, I used another type of wood.

So how did you go about making your table?

Well I found a number of features in ArtCAM were really useful when making this table, for example, the node editing and the various options to manipulate the nodes. The vector doctor was also a particularly important feature for me. It allowed me to spot problem areas with the vectors such as if the vectors didn’t join up or if they overlapped. Without this tool I would have had problems a lot of later on when I was machining.

Working from vectors, the inlay for the table was created in ArtCAM

ArtCAM Pro also has what it calls an 'Inlay Wizard' which I used to make sure that the male and female parts of my table to fitted neatly together. Quite a feat considering the various shapes used to create the village woman.

Table top down view of the inlay

So all in all how long did it take you to create this piece?

The Selknam table took roughly just under 2 weeks of work from the design to the finished piece. Not bad for my first piece.

What made you choose ArtCAM?

The main reason for choosing ArtCAM Pro is that it has capabilities and features that enabled me to explore numerous ways to create my piece.

Delcam is also without a doubt an industrial manufacturing company of world-wide recognition, applying tools that greatly facilitate the development of actual products. In my case for example, using ArtCAM Pro I can let my imagination flow and it contributes to my creative development as well. I can reduce production times and improve the quality and finish of my products. There are, in short, multiple benefits to the programme.

So what can we expect to see from you next?

At the moment I am focusing on producing more pieces as well as having more spacious and comfortable premises to develop my marquetry products (made of regional woods and their variants).

It is my aim to set-up my own small business called CARPINTEROS in the Magallan region of Chile where I live. This is the first piece of marquetry that I have created but it is my principal objective to make products that meet a high standard in terms of design and production quality and style. Of course the next stage will be to exhibit and export some of my creative works.

We wish Raul success in his endeavours and are watching this space for further news of “CARPINTEROS” and the creative pieces that he creates.