ArtCAM is actively be used for a wide variation of applications in many different industries. An interesting application that has arisen in recent years is 'Themeing' and Large Format 3D design. This includes designing and producing pieces small enough to fit in the palm of your hand up to creations soaring high into the air. Examples of this type can be seen at theme parks, museums, hotels, casino's or even in movies.

Large format theming work by Heavy Industries

We are often asked - "How are these made?"

The answer is a fascinating process based around the sculpting of foam. Foam is light, affordable and easy to manipulate and this has lead to foam increasingly displacing traditional materials used in commercial sculpture. ArtCAM's powerful features have helped many companies get ahead in the field of large format 3D work. From replicating historical reliefs or models to creating characters and environments from imaginary worlds, ArtCAM has made the process of going from conceptual artwork to finished part quick and easy.

ArtCAM Pro and Streamline Automation

Streamline Automation - a company at the forefront of foam sculpting technology has adopted ArtCAM Pro for their Frog 3D system for the replication of organic geometry in foam. Since developing its first 3D foam carving system, Streamline has sold to a variety of clients across North America, Europe, Asia and Central America.

Streamline selected ArtCAM Pro to ensure that their clients would have the software tools to do just about anything imaginable. "ArtCAM Pro integrates seamlessly with Streamline's FROGScan 3D scanning technology, which is important for ease of use," says Geoff Brennan, Streamline's lead technician.


Once the models have been designed and the toolpaths generated the foam can be machined. It is then finished by application of a spray on hard-coat. A variety of finishes can be achieved which can replicate the look of different materials such as steel or rock that can hold up even under the closest visual scrutiny.

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