Jaguar wanted special treatment for the famous roaring jaguar badge, to adorn the hood of the new XK8 car: A powerful but stylish badge, beautifully crafted and finished.

Jaguar badge created by Howard Bros Engravers

Howard Bros. (Engravers) Ltd of Birmingham UK, were selected by 3M to produce the tooling for the badge. They chose ArtCAM for the job.

How do they do that?

The job was complex. The finished result would be mounted on the hood of a prestige sports car. It meant paying attention to detail, accuracy and quality. ArtCAM delivered all this and more. Here’s how:

From 2D artwork a 3D relief was created. This would be machined to make a stamp. This would be used to stamp pre-printed aluminium. For the fine detail of the Jaguar to be clear in the aluminium imprint, the relief had to be produced to a very tight tolerance.

Accuracy was important also as the relief had to align exactly with the pre printed aluminium. The face of the Jaguar was modelled to a depth of just 0.8mm (0.031"). A great deal of detail had to be represented in a very shallow relief.

When the design was ready, it was sent to Jaguar for approval. When designing a prestigious car like the XK8, every component must be just right. Jaguar decided to alter the look of the badge design in a several ways. Using ArtCAM it was a quick and simple procedure to make the changes. Visualising the design on screen eliminated the need to cut a new model for each design change.

The final badge and die cut by Howard Bros. and created in ArtCAM

Design Approval

The final design was approved for production. Using ArtCAM Pro, all the objectives had been met. The design could be worked and reworked with ease, according Jaguar’s needs.

To see the results for yourself, just take a look at the hood of any Jaguar XK8.

John Howard, of Howard Bros. (Engravers) Ltd, commented:

Using ArtCAM we can make design changes in minutes, rather than the days it would have taken to make changes by hand."