Why do companies aroud the world choose ArtCAM Pro to design and manufacture biscuit and confectionary molds?

Complete control over 3D design

ArtCAM is a unique piece of software with which you can design and manufacture confectionary models, by either working directly from your sketches, by sculpting a 3D model or from customizable component libraries.

biscuit decoration

ArtCAM Pro offers many design benefits:

High quality 3D texturing

Easily add logos or text

Easily add logos and text to your design

Integrate scanned data

Photo-realistic colour rendering & printing

Years of Manufacturing experience made simple!

You can easily turn your designs into finished biscuits or confectionary. ArtCAM's automated manufacturing allows you to quickly create your finished design through either CNC machining, Laser cutting or rapid prototyping. You can create your models in wax, brass or other materials. Create either the male of female or your design to your exact specifications:

Molds, cutters and packaging design and manufacture

With ArtCAM Pro you can easily design for large product runs

Precision engraving onto 3D forms