Mountain Acoustics, founded in 2006 by Jimmy Woolbright and William McDowell, is an OEM/ODM provider of loudspeaker enclosures and CNC millwork...

Mountain Acoustics Bass Enclosures

With over 15 years experience in the car stereo retail business they felt it was time to "make the jump into manufacturing" and fill a gap in the market. Jimmy explains,

We looked at other software, but found it too expensive and complicated for our needs. ArtCAM Express was within our budget and empowered us with a far superior product than the competition. The software has given us capabilities we never knew existed.

Within 2 days production was back on track and Jimmy was able to copy files from PartWizard and paste them into ArtCAM Express without having to recreate over 700 designs. Jimmy says:

All I had to do was select the tool changer options for the type of cutting I needed. Talk about a time saver and stress reliever!

The user friendly interface of ArtCAM Express allows us to create most speaker enclosures in under 5 minutes, then another 3-5 minutes on the Thermwood CNC. This is an extremely powerful combination! Many times we have designed, programmed, machined, assembled, packaged, and shipped products in a single work day, impressing our OEM/ODM clients.

Although Mountain Acoustics is a speaker enclosure manufacturer, their reputation for high-quality products has spread quickly and the company now receives frequent requests for other products such as: radio station signs, push carts, soundboard displays for car stereo retailers and custom engraved beer pong tables. They also receive numerous orders for private labelling, building prototypes and one-off pieces, in addition to their consultancy services.

Mountain Acoustics speaker enclosures

Due to the nature of private labeling and custom logos Jimmy spends "a fair amount of time using node editing to straighten out someone else's artwork." He adds: "It's really useful being able to change tooling parameters on the fly without having to do a lot of extra programming. We also use 'Area Clearance', 'Machine Along A Vector' and 'Pocketing' a lot. Even though these are simple machining functions, when used with the right bits it allows for a really impressive result that enables us to standout against our competitors."

ArtCAM Express allows Jimmy to import artwork, toolpath it, render it in 3D and then save the 3D file as a picture to email to potential clients. According to him, "This capability is a deal closer. When a customer looks at the work you have created it enables them to see it as they originally imagined it, this is the closest thing to mind reading!" He concludes,

From my personal perspective, a software company is worthless unless you have support behind it. This is where Delcam exceeds expectations, not only through the initial purchase, but also through their resellers and their training and technical support staff. Delcam has helped put us on the map in our industry as a 'Can Do' company with no limitations. Each day a new challenge arises and I know we have ArtCAM Express behind us. ArtCAM will forever be the backbone to what we can achieve. The possibilities are endless!