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CNC Automation training Flyer

Delcam, developer of the ArtCAM family of products will demonstrate the ArtCAM software at the Grand Opening of CNC Automation’s Canadian Training Center, April 17 & 18th,  St-Zotique, Quebec, Canada.

Engineers from ArtCAM’s support team who work very closely with CNC Automation will be on hand to demonstrate the new releases in the software. "CNC Automation has been a very strong ArtCAM partner in North America we are very happy that they asked us to be part of the grand opening on their Canadian training center” said Sean Plunkett, ArtCAM Product Manager for North America

Visitors to the event will be able to see the latest version of ArtCAM 2008.  Like other releases of the software, 2008 will include enhancements that will speed-up the process of turning 2D artwork into 3D products. 3D capability in ArtCAM Insignia 2008 as been enhanced so you can now add full 3D shapes & textures to your designs using the extensive 3D clipart library provided, or by importing images or photographs.

Adding to the simplicity of ArtCAM Insignia 2008 is the easy production of files with the 2D machining wizard. It automatically sorts, nests and machines parts from imported layered DXF files using a simple and efficient step-by step wizard. In addition the Inlay and insert wizard allows you to quickly produce the toolpaths to cut the male and female parts for you design. Whether you’re wishing to simply inlay cut-out letters into signs or produce stunning intricate marquetry decorations in wooden pieces. Your pieces will easily fit together every time!

·             Register to attend the event by visiting www.cncautomation.com or by calling 1 800 421 5955