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The award-winning Jaguar decorated with Delcam’s ArtCAM JewelSmith

Delcam’s ArtCAM JewelSmith CADCAM software has been used to produce part of the decoration created by Arthus-Bertrand for a VIP-style Jaguar S-Type customised by Eric Fauriaux.  This was a special project for the company to introduce its skills as a jeweller to the motor industry.  The car was first exhibited at the Paris Tuning Show and has subsequently won many awards.

Arthus-Bertrand was formed more than 100 years ago from an embroidery business and a bookshop that was also the official publisher of the Naval Ministry.  Handed down from generation to generation, Arthus-Bertrand branched out from its initial business in military embroidery and ceremonial flags, into the design and manufacture of military and civilian badges, decorations and medals.

Its involvement in badges and medals led Arthus-Bertrand to become one of the first ArtCAM customers in France; the company has been using the software since 1997.  Since then, it has also purchased Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system and the CopyCAD reverse engineering software to produce 3D models of high quality for processes such as rapid prototyping.  The wide range of strategies covered by ArtCAM and PowerMILL helps Arthus-Bertrand machine all styles of design into any type of material.  Thus, the company can work across a wide range of jewellery and engineering applications.

For the ambitious project on the Jaguar S-Type, Arthus-Bertrand’s work consisted in adding several hundreds pieces of paste jewellery on various parts of the bodywork. The designs were all created in ArtCAM JewelSmith, starting from digitized files of the different areas of the car.  

"One of the major advantages of using ArtCAM for this type of work is the ability to create very rapidly many different kinds of models,” said Patrick Chichportich from Arthus-Bertrand.  "A single model can be adjusted as often as you wish to fit any shape on the car: knobs for the hand-break levers, tops of automatic gears, features on the console and so forth.”

"ArtCAM JewelSmith allows us to scan our customers’ data very easily,” added Mr. Chichportich.  "We can then model extra details very quickly.  We can also guarantee the quality of our manufacturing by using the 3D simulation of the machining process.”

All the machining, for both three- and four-axis machining, was generated from the Delcam CAM systems.  The final stage in the project was to add the paste jewellery.  This took a total of twenty hours to create the final masterpiece.