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ArtCAM Express offers the easiest introduction to CADCAM for artistic applications

Delcam will launch a new entry-level version within its ArtCAM family of artistic CADCAM at ISA, booth 2524, in Orlando, Florida, from March 27th to 29th.  Like the other members of the ArtCAM family, ArtCAM Express is aimed at skilled artisans rather then engineers.  Its ease of use offers the benefits of CADCAM software to companies not familiar with CNC machining.  More advanced systems, ArtCAM Insignia and ArtCAM Pro, are available in a seamless upgrade path; they combine the ease-of-use of Express with more sophisticated design and manufacturing tools.

Many of the existing routines in ArtCAM Pro have been rewritten in the new release.  The new algorithms have produced significant speed improvements, especially in 3D modeling and in 2D machining. For the machining of more complex parts, ArtCAM Pro has added "3D Projects”.  This allows the simultaneous visualization of objects that will be created from different materials and the division of the components into separate files for manufacturing in the various materials.  Items can be cut and pasted between different files, allowing libraries of components to be built up for use in a variety of designs.  For models built up from simpler shapes in the same material, the complete design can be produced as a single piece, either by rapid prototyping or by machining using a multi-axis CNC machine.

The new 3D offset strategy in ArtCAM gives a much better surface finish with harder materials.  This will be especially useful when engraving decorations created in ArtCAM into moulds for plastic signs.  A new Machining Wizard has been added that simplifies the set-up.  In addition, a new option allows models to be sliced into layers that can be machined individually and then assembled.  Finally, ArtCAM Pro is now able to import solid and surface data from the full range of CAD systems supported by the Delcam Exchange data translation service.  Formats covered include CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, AutoCAD Inventor and Solid Edge.